Slavek Kwi, Seoidin O’Sullivan and Gillian Kane

Pallas Heights is pleased to announce a site-specific response to Apt. 30, by Slavek Kwi, Seoidin O’Sullivan and Gillian Kane. Light, sound, derelict nature, electric tensions, intervention, demolition, Slavek Kwi and Seoidin O’Sullivan are looking for alternatives… The purpose is not to create an alternative living space but rather to explore specific details from multiple views simultaneously, through shifting the reality to bring into attention a different potential and patterns of behavior of living space and its connections to our perception.

Momentary outcomes are considered as temporary conclusions from certain phase of whole process and finally interconnected within complex environment – installation – stimulating our organic tools of perception, looking at different alternatives and questioning momentary states of reality. ‘…Or it might just be an invitation to stop time for a while and breathe, just breathe…dream…and see, hear, feel, for a few moments like a child entering into a fairy tale of imagination.’

Upstairs Gillian Kane uses drawing to record how nature moves in the space i.e. the movement and interaction of humanity, wildlife, time and change in the location observed from the upstairs window of the apartment. The emergent phenomena from these conversations and interactions will be presented as installations and as emergent forms throughout the flat and within a process room.