A Light Drift

Conall Kelleher

“You can’t spell directionlessness without direction”
The Great Resting Bear

The nebula beside orions belt is called CASS or Directionlessness for short.It consists of two metamorphic constellations called the Great Resting Bear and Crying Otter.
These collection of stars have been know to be the most healing force in the universe.Such is the healing power it prompted research by the University of Arizona in 1984.
CASS constellations are said to be precarious in nature but can be coaxed with certain rituals none of which are documented.

When CASS appears its a gradual gathering of white stars. Over a year they combine with one another known colloquially as Acceptatron, this action results in a cosmic dance of pinks and green.

Conall Kelleher graduated from IADT in 2011, and is a studio member at Pallas Projects/Studios. He is interested in constructing his own visual manual on self help and spiritual guidance. A personal and fictional telling of “directionlessness” and guidance through nature; astrology being a prominent component of this. His ideas are conveyed through various mediums, including video, animation and painting.