• Rot 'n' Mouth, 2017, mixed media, dimensions variable
  • The Last Piece, 2016, oil & acrylic on canvas, 30x20cm
  • Chattering Teeth, 2017, acrylic & ink on canvas, 50x40cm
  • The View of My Mouth, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 50x60cm
  • Chattering Teeth, 2017, acrylic & ink on canvas, 50x40cm
  • Baby Teeth, 2017, oil & acrylic on canvas, 40x40cm
  • Invasion, 2016, mixed media on canvas, 30x110cm
  • Crown(L) & Roots(R), each oil & acrylic on Canvas, 30x20cm
  • Scream, 2016, oil acrylic & ink on board, 125x88cm
  • Brace yourself, 2017, mixed media, 35x27cm (above), Rot'n'Mouth 2017, mixed media (below)
  • Ghost, 2017, acrylic on acrylic paper, 30x40cm
  • The Nightmare, 2017 oil & acrylic on canvas, 30x20cm (L) The Sleep of No Reasoning, 2017, 30x24cm(R)


Smile–Eve Woods

Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 26th, 6–8pm

Continues: Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th April


Smile is an exhibition of paintings about nightmares; teeth; anxiety; the ambivalence and possibilities of dreams contrasting with vividity and certainty. It is this area of belief and knowing I probe without the facts to back it up, a convinction without the proof and these are the areas which spawn pseudoscience & urban legend, mysteries & hearsay. This space in the overlap of dreams and myth and how what we believe, from our personal myth upwards, builds the physical structure of the world. And how this is mapped in our online network, a delineation of our thoughts and words. Anxiousness following the map of accessible information




Eve Woods is a visual artist based in Dublin City. She received her MA in Visual Arts Practices from IADT in 2015. Since then she has exhibited with F.Festival, Peachy Dublin, Artists Among Us, Group of Writing People Zine & at Temporary Sights, curated by Siobhan Mooney in MART Gallery, Rathmines.

She studied Fine Art specialising in painting at the Centre for Creative Arts & Media, Galway City (2012) & most recently received distinction in a BSc Digital Technology & Design from the Digital Skills Academy, Dublin. She has worked as a creative event designer, web designer and visual communications manager.
She is a current studio member of Pallas Projects.

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