An exhibition of contemporary public art in Dublin's city centre

October 30th until the end of November

Precinct will be launched by Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Royston Brady in Project on Tuesday 7th November

28 artists respond to the expansive visual stimuli that operate within the imagery of urban commerce, cleansing, regeneration and living.

Precinct utilises the spaces currently dedicated to advertising hoarding all around the city. Placed within the context of billboard advertising, art has an ability to touch peoples lives in a more immediate and unsuspecting way. Precinct interprets the industrial fabric of redevelopment, i.e. the site hoarding, as both its canvas and its gallery. The exhibition can currently be seen on Capel Street Bridge and the site of the old Adelaide Hospital.

The nature of public/commercial space and the value of art within it are brought into question, when art is presented as non-commodity. The rights of ownership of the image are challenged by the public context. Are the right of ownership and private property being favored ahead of public interest? Can an exhibition of art progress towards reclaiming commercial/public space for its public?
Precinct takes place in Dublin at a time when the future of many artists' studios lies in the balance of a commercially developing city. At this point, Precinct raises issues, regarding what potential artists have to interact with society, and how far should the city go to accommodate artistic dialogue, intervention and ultimately artistic production.

Pallas Studios was formed in Dublin in May 1996 as an artist led initiative run by a partnership of Mark Cullen and Brian Duggan. Pallas was established to harness, engage and provoke the Irish Independent art scene that was beginning to happen. Pallas Studios  represents its artists internationally and has promoted challenging exhibitions both in Dublin and London over the past three years. This is Pallas Studios 7th exhibition.

Precinct will launch at 5.30 in Project.

Precinct Artists:
Brendan Earley
Paul McKinley
Mark Garry
Maurice Galway
Fiona McDonald
Dave McGinn
Clive Murphy
Namara Lindsay
Anne Mulrooney
David O'Mara
Oliver Barret/Ailis Phelan
Joe Stanly
Cristophe Neumann
Anna Hill
Karl Burke
Dee Maguire
Diarmuid Crowley
Sally Anne Morgan
Des Kenny
Alison O'Flynn
John Langan
Catherine Lyons
Yvonne McGuinness
Mark McLoughlan
Mark Cullen
Brian Duggan