12 of the leading exponents of new Irish art exhibit at Root.

2nd March 6.00 at Root, Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane

Nichola Coleman
Mark Cullen
Brian Duggan
Mark Garry
Katie Holten
Namara Lindsay
Sandra Meehan
Clive Murphy
Chris Neuman
Sylvia Shortall

Averted eyes, on a train,
healthy pills for salon girls
concrete bed, a rose disjoined
euri geller, recycled star
new homes for the dirty, grey is the colour
better faster higher
where wild grasses grow.

Curated by Mark Cullen and Brian Duggan

This is the second exhibition of Irish art that the curatorial partnership at Pallas have brought to London. Pallas Studios was formed in Dublin's inner city in May 1996 as an artist led initiative. Pallas Studios was established to provide a stimulating environment where artists could meet and work, organise in and reflect on a city and a culture that had realised its first taste of confidence. Pallas emerged to harness, engage and provoke an independent art scene that was waiting to happen.

Root is a concept space in the epicentre of the Truman Brewery, which caters for a wide spectrum of human creative endeavour.