20 Years of Pallas Projects—a day of talks, food & music

Pallas Projects/Studios present a day of talks followed by a food & music event as part of our 20 year anniversary programme which looks to celebrate artist-run culture

Saturday 20th August 2016
Venue: Pallas Projects/Studios, 115–117 the Coombe, Dublin 8

Artist-Run Spaces: Conversations Across The Atlantic

A day of panel talks on artist-run culture, curated by Angel Bellaran.
This event is free, booking essential.
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The Artist-Run DIY Social

An evening of music, food and refreshments to celebrate Pallas Projects/Studios 20 year anniversary.
Join us from 6pm for a pot-luck dinner, drinks and DJs! All welcome, no booking required!

Talks details & participants: Jessamyn Fiore (former director Thisisnotashop, Dublin), Liz Nielsen & Carolina Wheat (Swimming Pool Project Space, Chicago, and Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York), Max Warsh (Regina Rex, New York), Mark Cullen & Gavin Murphy (Pallas Projects/Studios and Artist-Run Europe), Miranda Driscoll (former director The Joinery, Dublin/Sirius Arts Centre), Lee Welch (Basic Space/former director FOUR, Dublin), Clive Murphy (former co-director Catalyst Arts, Belfast), Maud Cotter (Founder member, National Sculpture Factory, Cork).

The panel offers an international and interdisciplinary forum in which colleagues in the contemporary art world, specifically in the field of artist-run or ‘DIY’ spaces, can talk openly about the changes and challenges of working today: this includes the topics of funding, social media, and location-specific contexts.

Morning session: participants briefly review their own history of working within independent spaces in both the United States & Europe. Afterwards, in a roundtable discussion, panel members assess these and other stories in relation to experiences from other members. Afternoon session: focuses more closely on the current state of affairs surrounding artist-run programs today – with an emphasis on comparing and contrasting the international models and the programs functioning from emergent contexts or scenes.

This gathering is sparked by increasingly urgent conversations about the difficulty of the practice of choosing to work outside the institutional context. Our hope is to make stronger connections between artist-run culture, and inspire more communication and collectivism amongst our peers, so that we can continue to thrive as an integral part of visual arts culture on both sides of the Atlantic, and in light of the publication by PP/S of the book ‘Artist-Run Europe’, which will be showcased for the first time ahead of an official launch in September.

The panel will be broadcast live on the event page via Facebook Livestream at 1030 GMT/ 530 EST

This event is presented at Pallas Projects/Studios as part of our 20 year anniversary programme which looks to celebrate artist-run culture, and is part of the exhibition Liz Nielsen & Max Warsh — Curated by Jessamyn Fiore, first shown at Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh in July/August 2016, and with thanks to Jessamyn Fiore, Sirius Arts Centre, Liz Nielsen & Max Warsh, and talks curator Angel Bellaran.

Image: Pallas Projects/Studios, opening preview for ‘Resort – A Popular Destination’, 2014